The scientific community has come to the conclusion that resistance training causes the same or even better adjustments to health indicators and body composition compared to aerobic exercise. As a result it is now considered to be essential for all trainees, even for those with chronic conditions. *

Many trainers or trainees, mostly women, believe that in order to lose weight or improve their health they should do only cardio exercise. This belief has been proven to be wrong.

Research led to the conclusion that the resistance training has much better results than aerobic exercise. At the same time, apart from the abovementioned adjustments, the muscle mass, hence the basic metabolism and muscle strength, is increased. The overall functionality of the human body is improving.

For this reason, resistance exercise is recommended to all trainees and especially to those who want to improve their health, lose weight and improve their body image, by all major scientific organizations in sports science and exercise physiology (ACSM, NSCA, AFAA, ACE).

However, in each workout, we should take into consideration that the best results are always achieved by the appropriate combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise (except some extreme conditions, such as in case of need for extensive muscle hypertrophy).

Through research, a special training system has been created so that this combination will bring maximum results to the body composition of your trainees.

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