Although the continuous aerobic exercise and HIT and LIT offer the same adjustments, they have different percentage change.

The results of recent scientific studies show that the key for the improvement of the cardiorespiratory system and the physical condition of practitioners, is the intensity and not the duration of the aerobic exercise.

Therefore, the interval aerobic exercise seems to be much more efficient than the contiguous, because there are periods of high intensity that alternate with periods of low intensity or rest. This leads to a higher workout volume training, since the trainee can rest during the relaxed periods and gives the opportunity to the muscles to remove the lactic acid. In addition, all the necessary metabolic processes are performed in order to allow the trainee to perform more intense workouts of high volume.

As a result, the positive adaptations of aerobic exercise, through interval protocols, are bigger and happen in a shorter time of period in comparison to the protocols of the continuous aerobic exercise.

Concerning the differences between the protocols of the two interval aerobic exercises, research shows that HIT is much more effective than LIT in all areas. However, because HIT is a very intense, demanding and difficult exercise, it is recommended to performed only by intermediate or advanced trainees or athletes, and not by beginners, who are recommended to do LIT, for safety reasons and maximization of the positive adjustments.