Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries (MSCs) are among the most common in modern man’s life. Musculoskeletal conditions are a major burden for individuals, health care systems and welfare systems with the predominant indirect cost.
Physiotherapy rehabilitation procedures aim to recover from the disease or injury the impaired structure and function of the affected parts of the ICC and to train the patient to perform basic motor functions.
Upon completion of rehabilitation treatments, patients are generally left to maintain and improve their motor skills. Due to the large number of such able-bodied persons, as well as the elderly, Sport for All and Fitness centers need to equip their staff and infrastructure to offer targeted recreational kinesiology programs to improve motor skills in order to facilitate day-to-day and professional physical work, reduce health difficulties and costs and improving the quality of life.
Offering targeted recreational kinesiology programs, enables the centers to improve the quality of services and thus a better position in the sports and recreational offer market.

The conference was held on October 19, 2019.