The conference was held on 27.09.2019. and our lecture was about Preventive Health Screening in Nordic Walking Programs. About 50 people were present at the conference.

Conference topics and presenters:

  • Nordic walking in Croatia
  • Trunk and shoulder musculature activity in nordic walking using different pole lengths – prof. dr. sc. Gordana Furjan Mandić
  • Three difficult elements in nordic walking technique – Krešimir Ritz, prof.
  • Preventive health screening in nordic walking programs – Branislava Resanović,, Hrvoje Radašević, prof., Jelena Čvrljak, mag.cin., Anita Meštrić,
  • Healty and Fitness Benefits of nordic walking – prof. dr. sc. Stjepan Heimer

In this conference Hrvoje Radašević presented Fitness index model of exercise on prescription and highlighted the benefits of written prescription of exercise in general practitioner practice.