Date and venue: Banja Luka, 01-02.06.2019.-02.06.2019.

Number of participants: 100

Fitness Fest Banja Luka is a project supported by the City Administration of Banja Luka as part of the event “Spring in Banja Luka”. It was co-organized by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and the Institute for Occupational and Sports Medicine of the Srpska Republic. Fitness Fest Banja Luka is a seven-day festival ( from 27th of May to 2nd of June) of fitness and healthy habits for all ages, within which is the Fitcon Fitness Conference (a two-day fitness conference – a combination of practices and theories of experts from Southeast Europe). The conference is an excellent opportunity for learning and networking with fitness enthusiasts, workers, and professionals.

The first day of the conference was marked by practical lectures by prof Alexander Miketa and prof Marija Andrijašević, who taught workshops on kettlebell swing, gluteus activation and whole body exercises with a mini band.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to the theory. The principal of the Fitness Academy, Matija Dunaj gave a lecture on “Diagnostics in fitness”. As part of the lecture, the Fitness Index project and the goals of fitness diagnostics were presented. Prof Dunaj emphasized the importance of diagnostics in order to educate the trainee about his or hers current status using the results in developing an individualized personalized exercise program, evaluate the effectiveness of the exercise program implemented, and inspire the trainee to take appropriate steps to improve the condition. During the conference, participants had the opportunity to learn about the hormonal responses of the body to training, basic principles of nutrition in fitness, nutritional supplementation in fitness training and fitness marketing.

The goal of the event was to motivate citizens to continue their fitness activities, to demonstrate fitness and to promote fitness organizations, professionals and healthy lifestyle.