Our mission

Our mission

Our highest priority is to increase number of people being active through lifetime in safe and controlled environment with focus on developing health related fitness components to achieve higher level of health and better quality of life.

Our Objectives

Educate doctors and trainers to work together on fighting inactivity and help fitness industry to become Health hubs in their communities

Fitness index® guiding values

Outlines the challenges where fitness industry can play a key role

    • Any physical activity is better than no activity
    • Quality of life and lifespan over short term goals
    • health fitness over sports performance
    • holistic approach over atomistic approach
    • quality of the movement over quantity (do no harm)
    • Science facts over individual experience


1. Physical activity and exercise are important to health and the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases;

2. More should be done to address physical activity and exercise in primary healthcare settings; and

3. Support the referral of patients to appropriately trained allied health professionals to deliver exercise services for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.


Our strategic plan


Click here to view the Fitness index Strategic Plan 2019-2023


Fitness index project Members


Fitness Academy Croatia (Fitnes učilište)
Matija Dunaj (Principal Fitnes učilište and Project Manager)
Zlatan Spiridonović (CEO Fitnes učilište and Project board member)

Trainer 4 You  (T4U Finland)
Mikael Witick (T4U Program Director and Project board member)

PersonaGrata (Basetraining Greece)
Panos Mpalatsinos (CEO PersonaGrata and Project board member)