Online Certification for fitness professionals to assess true level of fitness and successfully recommend sustainable fitness program— with practical knowledge

  • standardized field tests for health fitness assessment
  • Comparison of results with normative values
  • Evaluating the results with a score from 1 to 5
  • An easy way to determine level of fitness
  • A basis for developing an appropriate exercise program

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Online course

Finish online course at your own pace.


Additional materials and workbooks for easy learning.

Course length

7 hours of video materials with guided support.

Job Puropse

Improving your practice in helping people

The purpose of the Fitness Index Operator is to improve health and quality of life and also to reduce the risks and consequences of NCD by providing standardized measurement of health fitness components. In addition, the Fitness Index Operator will be expected to regularly review participant’s progress and be able to report on adherence and outcomes to relevant stakeholders.


Occupational Roles

Building on the foundation of the role of a fitness instructor, the Fitness index operator should additionally be able to:


  1. Conduct screening and risk stratification of individuals at risk or with a health condition;
  2. Conduct appropriate testing, functional and physical fitness assessments with exercisers and present results;
  3. Create evidence-based  exercise  assessment  for  individuals  at  risk  or  with controlled health conditions;
  4. Motivate exercisers with  controlled  health  conditions  to  adopt  and  maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors;
  5. Manage communication with exercisers, medical and health care professionals and maintain professional administrative records.
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How the certification works.

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Steps for full certification process


Step 1. Finish online course

Step 2. Pass online exam with 70% score or above

Step 3. Apply for live workshop in your Country (organized twice a year)

Step 4. Pass practical exam for assessment skills

Step 5. Earn full Fitness index™ Operator certificate

Step 6. Get listed on Fitness index™ website


Upon completion of the program, the student is awarded: 

  • health fitness assessment manual with the described tests
  • Certificate of completion for online course
  • Instructions for getting into the practice
  • Progress to Fitness index Expert

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