Date and venue: 27th od October 2018, Zagreb

Although the benefits of physical activity and exercise on the human body have been emphasized for years, we are still witnessing an overweight sedentary lifestyle. Sports and Recreation Center Trnje, as one of the largest and most visited Sports and Recreation Centers in the City of Zagreb, with a tradition of over 60 years long, strives to raise the quality of its service to the end-user to an even higher level every year. In this regard, for the fifth consecutive year, it has excellent cooperation with the Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar” as well as with other health professionals outside the institution. In cooperation with the NHS and the Zagreb Federation of Sports Recreation “Sport for All” at the Trnje, two projects have been implemented: “Health Oriented Exercise for People Over 50” and “Health Oriented Exercise for the Active.” In addition to the projects, there have been numerous health actions and lectures on the benefits of physical exercise on quality of life and human health. The final step was the introduction of Health Questionnaires for all users, including pregnant women. And the future plans are the establishment of cooperation with family medicine doctors and the continuation of work on the ZUTA (health oriented physical activity) program.