Online certification for health professionals to prescribing exercise and referring patients to fitness centers or fitness professionals. 

  • Health enhanced physical exercise
  • Prescribing prescription exercise for sustainable change
  • Education on exercise prescription
  • Connecting with fitness professionals

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Online course

Finish online course at your own pace.


Additional materials and workbooks for easy learning.

Course length

6 hours of video materials with guided support.

Job Puropse

Strengthen prevention by prescribing exercise

The purpose of the Fitness Index for Health Professionals is to improve health and quality of life and to reduce risks and consequences of non-communicable diseases by providing safety screening and consideration before starting with exercise, referring patients to fitness professionals, and prescribing exercise. In addition, healthcare professionals are expected to regularly review client progress and be able to report compliance and outcomes with relevant stakeholders.


Occupational Roles

As a leader in health prevention, a healthcare professional should be able to:

  1. Conduct screening and risk stratification of individuals at risk or with a health condition;
  2. Conduct appropriate testing, functional and physical fitness assessments with exercisers and present results
  3. Give recommendations for physical activity, development and use of referral networks
  4. Make evidence-based change;
  5. Motivate exercisers with  controlled  health  conditions  to  adopt  and  maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors;
  6. Manage communication with exercisers, fitness professionals and maintain professional administrative records.


How the certification works?

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Steps for full certification process

Step 1. Finish online course

Step 2. Apply for CPD credits *

Step 3. Complete the external audit exam

Step 4. Become an external auditor for quality standards at fitness centers

* The course is applicable to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for healthcare professionals.

To get more information please contact Your Medical chamber. Share with them table of content of this course.


Upon completion of the program, the student is awarded: 

  • health fitness assessment manual with the described tests
  • Certificate of completion for online course
  • Posters with facts to inform patients about HEPE
  • List of fitness centers with quality standard

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